MPG LINE | Development Company - one of Hakeem group company

Your Success Is Our Goal

Whatever your field is, MPG LINE team will professionally design your website to introduce your business and helps you to contact with your clients from all over the world.



Web Design

We offer you a creative logo design for your brand, to give your new projects the chance to complete on the internet.

Websites Development

Flexibility to change whatever you need to develop your website with minimum requirements.

Improve the site related to search engines SEO

We follow the fastest and most effective way to make your site appears on the first page of search engines.

E-marketing through social media websites SMM

We help you to get on the strong attention for your website, through the latest e-marketing methods and social media websites.

Mobile Applications

Using the latest global programs to create electronic applications for mobile phones, which matches the content of your website.

Why Choose Us?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons To Choose Our Company
manage_icon Beautiful designs
affordable_icon Ongoing growth
server_icon Customize it the way you want
overload_icon Robust web building
secure_icon Mobile enhanced
money_back Affordable Prices
MPG LINE leading company of professionals in the field of web design, which is subsidiary to Hakeem International Group. We offer an exceptional quality of design, websites development and online shopping services at competitive prices. Since foundation, MPG LINE has developed to provide customers solutions for web design that will eventually give them a competitive advantage.